15 Problems, 15 Days, 15 Designs-A UX Journey

Inspired by Peter Smart who took on the challenge of 50 problems in 50 days, I decided to take on the challenge of 15 problems, in 15 days, with 15 designs. I didn’t get to travel thousands of miles like Peter or get to talk to great designers, instead my ideas and design ideas came from those that I interact with on a daily basis, my friends, family and strangers I met along the way. 

The rules of my challenge were simple. 

1. The problems will include day-to-day enounters with issues and the need for a resolution. 

2. There has to be a situation where the problem occured. 

3. Designs will range from app ideas to paper ideas and other things in between. 

4. My ideas will be written/drawn in pencil in my notebook. Photos that inspire may be used for portfolio. 

My Journey started on April 26, 2015 and went through to May 10, 2015. Below are the notebook entries for the challenge. I wrote a medium article about the experience.